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I was looking for cheap duplication for my audio CD album as I have a small band on the side of my usual work therefore I didn't want to spend a lot of money to manufacture my CD's. I found Media Matters' Audio CD duplication services online, and I must say I am extremely happy with the work they carried out for me.

Although I am based in Manchester, and they are West Sussex, from calling for an initial quote to recieiving my finished, printed and duplicated audio CDs in the post, it took 3 days and the process was fast and very easy.

I haven't got the first clue about printing, manufacturing, CDs etc, but I informed Media Matters on what I required, sent them the image I wanted printed on to the face of the actual CD disc and the music tracks I wanted on my album, and that was it, they did the rest for me!

10/10 for best audio CD manufacturing company, will defiantly be returning to you for my next album!


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